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Narrator: Milo Buci

Hi babes! My name is Milo Buci.💖 I will be your narrator in this unique journey and am, therefore, not available for purchase. But, I would like to welcome you to the world of Luscious Lady Art. This is a storytelling NFT art platform where I would like to introduce to you my collectable lady friends and their darkest secrets from all over the world! Enough with keeping hush hush 🤫 In line with empathising and empowering others, our ladies finally have the courage to voice out their stories and speak up their minds. You'll get to know them first, one by one, very soon...

Launching on:

📅 November 1


📺 View link in Rarible / Open-Sea

For our first collection series: Vol.1 - Ladies of Today's World, we will be launching a collection of limited pieces only of ladies from different ends of our earth and from different cultural backgrounds. We plan to keep it limited and have around 30 pcs only. Each girl will have a set number of traits that can be distinguishable from the others. Each lady comes with a story of struggle. How are women suffering in today's world? Our stories are based on real statistics and facts and modern day news. Some of the stories are first hand encounters by women who continue to remain anonymous. Each of our girl is real, deep and has a message to convey.

Bonus: since we are NOT just a digital art piece, we will share our stories here in our website once it has been purchased on our sales platform. If the piece has not been sold, then we will never know the story of that lady. *disclaimer: the piece just needs to be sold the first time to anyone in order to unlock the stories publicly to everyone.

At the end of our selling our last piece from this volume collectible, we will be donating 5% of our income of the first sales of all items to a selected foundation that supports women worldwide. We have some ideas in mind but are still not sure, you may also give us your suggestions.

I look forward to connecting with you!