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Luscious LADY Art​

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A limited edition collection of unique, cool and diverse Women, ready to leave a mark in the NFT space! 🌈


Our first collection Vol.1 | Ladies of Today's World edition drop will hold only a few pieces for our NFT's digital collectibles. These pieces are of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain.


Get your first limited edition pieces of a series of vibrant luscious ladies inspired by strong women around the world on Rarible or OpenSea.



Luscious Lady Art is all about the ultra rare story-telling artworks that contributes to a good cause upon growing the NFT female art space. We are interested in creating depth and giving the viewers an experience, rather than having quantity in our collectibles. Therefore, our pieces are considered not only to be diversely creative but also high valued. We are interested in women empowerment, culture, fashion, art, social behaviours, beauty and philanthropy. We want to share her secrets and raise awareness as we do our part to lift the women's art market up.

5% of all primary sales will be donated to helping women organisations from around the world. 

OUR Mission

Our mission it to build our brand's limited edition story-telling collections through the acquisition of 1/1 Crypto art pieces in order to help women from around the world.


World of Women is about empowering women through art and promoting diversity. It’s only fitting that we would support women in the real world as well. 

On the final release of every collection, 5% of all primary sales will be donated to helping women organisations from around the world.


For this collection we have not yet selected an organisation but have few in mind, we are happy to hear your suggestions.


The entire collection is a unique collaboration between Mimi, the artist and Lolo, the engineer. Using Mimi's hand-drawn signature style and Lolo's technical skills, they were able to create luscious ladies along with meaningful stories. With her art, her mission has always been to empower women, making them the center of her pieces.


Luscious Lady Art aims to bring a combination of story-telling and art in more diversity and inclusivity to nfts, which we believe is very much missing in this fast-paced collectables and male dominated space. We are all passionate and committed to the nft space and strongly believe this is our future and that our project can help make a difference. We hope you will enjoy it and follow along on this journey with us!


Release Date - November 1, 2021

Price per token — 0.1 ETH

Blockchain — Ethereum

Royalty fees — 10%

Unique traits Name + Country of origin

Number of physical traits — 14 (background, skin, hair, nails, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, outfit)

Licensing — Commercial rights + 50% royalties due to token owner

Smart Contract —

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